The film not quarantine one aspect of this multi-nation echoing. Black.Light acknowledges the scope of dimension that pain, loss, survival, and hope encompass by exploring it all in a braid of words, photographs, and illustration powerfully resonating together in the film. In addition to Böwig and Mendes, the collaborating visual artists include an internationally recognized and celebrated list of illustrators and creators with a presence in the legacy of the comic book and graphic storytelling fields, including artists from DC and Marvel comics.

„Über Gewalt berichten“

Srebreniza, Ruanda, Monrovia … in der schwarzen Nacht eines Jahrhunderts der Völkermorde, wie Susan Sonntag unsere Zeit genannt hat, berichten Journalisten von Krieg und Gewalt. Pedro Rosa Mendes (Text) und Wolf Böwig (Foto), haben gemeinsam an  den Schauplätzen der westafrikanischen Bürgerkriege des Charles Taylor als Reporter gearbeitet.  Verdammt zur passiven Zeugenschaft, drängen sich ihnen elementare Fragen auf: Wo liegen die Grenzen des Verstehens? Wie von Krieg und Gewalt berichten ohne abzustumpfen? Wie angesichts alptraumartiger Massaker ein Mensch bleiben?

„Reporting Violence“

When hatred whorls across a continent, it envelops people, daily life, it cuts off limbs, flattens villages, burns down buildings, and pushes hard against hope, belief. It is difficult to imagine the degree to which the world can turn upside down, and most of the time those of us not amidst or recovering from such destruction, don’t. We should. Not because it’s pleasant. Not because it’s easy or righteous. But because it’s the truth.

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